“How I became a SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRE in my 20’s from Business Credit and Property Investing and how YOU can too!” And how to not only SURVIVE but THRIVE in a global credit crisis and why it is more profitable to invest now than ever!

“I remember my friends laughing at me when I told them I’d become
a self-made millionaire one day…” says bestselling author of
“What I Didn’t Learn at School But Wish I Had”, Tarrance Bellamy
Take this opportunity to learn from over 20 amazing educators, including a person who went from well below zero to a self-made millionaire in his twenties by learning to develop the mindset of a millionaire and applying the latest, most exciting financial strategies available in the world today. The great news is that he is determined to help you to improve your personal and financial results. He believes this type of education, because it wasn’t taught at school, has kept the majority of the population constrained to a job and almost a slave to the banks. Tarrance Bellamy is passionate about ensuring the average person becomes financially educated and has donated millions of dollars to the cause. If you would like to learn how to excel in the 21st Century and create an extraordinary quality of life, including how to make money while you sleep from investing, to free up your time to do other more important things than always working, then read on as you may be surprised at just how much success people are having every day within a matter of just a few short months.  
Develop the Mindset of a Millionaire

If it’s that Simple to Become Rich and Successful, then Why isn’t Everyone Rich?

Why is it that in wealthy, western countries like United States, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Western Europe, most people don’t make it? For example, the World Bank once considered United States to be the wealthiest nation on the planet per capita. Unfortunately, now the standard of living in United States is decreasing for many rapidly, while a few are getting richer and richer.

With the wealth that still exists in our world today, why is it that so few people get to share in it? What is going on that limits us to sharing in only a fraction of the wealth, and what can we do about it?

When Tarrance Bellamy was dead broke and sleeping on a friend’s couch, he had time to contemplate his life and the world around him. Tarrance Bellamy was curious why there are some people who start with nothing and manage to become millionaires, while others, who seem much more intelligent, often with a higher education, yet in terms of financial success fail, their lives are filled with hard work and struggle.

What is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t?

Is it a matter of luck that some people acquire great wealth? Perhaps these people buy more Lotto tickets, or they marry into money or inherit it. Or is there more to it than that?

 Tarrance Bellamy

Success Coach, Self-Made Millionaire, Successful Investor, Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Educator Starting 13 years ago, Tarrance Bellamy took less than 5 years to become a self-made millionaire. In the last 2 years as a world leading educator and success coach, he has touched the lives of over hundreds of  United States and now people worldwide, producing many millionaires in the process and helping thousands retire early. By using the same techniques as Tarrance Bellamy applied to his life, as taught in the 21st Century Academy from 20 of the Academy’s selected speakers, you too can become financially free in a surprisingly short time.

“Education for Life is not a 4 day seminar but rather a life
transforming experience, where you learn not only the 
insights to realize how you’re life has been shaped so far, 
but access the tools, strategies and resources required to 
create an extraordinary quality of life. One of unlimited 
financial abundance and emotional fulfillment. I promise 
it will be an education and experience that will truly serve 
you for life”


Dear Friend,

Here’s an amazing opportunity to learn from Tarrance Bellamy, a successful 35 year old young American who went from broke $150,000 in debt to a self made millionaire in his twenties, simply by learning to develop the millionaire mindset of a millionaire and applying the newest and most exciting financial strategies available in the world today. The great news for you is that this dynamic man is determined to help you do exactly the same no matter where in the world you live. Tarrance Bellamy believes this type of information has been withheld, keeping the majority of the population constrained to a job and a slave to the banks.

Therefore he is passionate about ensuring the average person finds out about it. So if you would like to learn how to excel in the 21st Century and create your IDEAL life including how to make money while you sleep to free up your time to do other more important things than working 9 to 5 job, then read on….

Starting 8 years ago, Tarrance Bellamy took less than 5 years to become a self made millionaire. In the last 2 years as a world leading educator and success coach, he has touched the lives of hundreds of American’s and recently people worldwide from the United States, UK, Europe, India and Asia. Educating people through his DVD courses and seminars, producing many millionaires in the process and helping many retire early.

When Tarrance Bellamy was completely broke, in debt to the tune of $150,000, with no job, no prospects and sleeping on a friend’s couch he had time to contemplate about his life and the world around him.

He came to realize that there must be some secret formula, some unknown strategies, that mean the difference between the average person working a 40+ hour week for their wage that is barely enough to pay the bills, and those elite few who have more money than they could ever need. He was determined to find out what that difference was in building wealth and to achieve absolute financial freedom.

Tarrance Bellamy was curious about why there are some people who start with nothing and manage to become millionaires, while there are others who seem much more intelligent, often with a higher education and high incomes, yet in terms of financial abundance & success fail and their lives are filled with hard work and struggle.

What is the difference between the people who succeed and those who don’t? Is it a matter of luck that some people acquire great wealth? Perhaps these people buy more lotto tickets; they marry into money or inherit it. Or is there a little bit more to it than that?…..

 This may SHOCK you but….

Did You Know: According to the United States Bureau of Statistics shows that
96% of the population at age 65 end up dead, dead BROKE on a pension. 
Only 3% of the population becomes financially independent, which means at age 65 they are able to stop work and live a basic lifestyle and have enough money to support themselves, usually less than $35,000 p.a.

Only 1% of the population at age 65 will become what we call “rich”. The United States Bureau of Statistics classifies “rich” as having a net worth in excess of $1 million dollars.

“Without the age pension, self-funded retirees will need between $750,000 and $1 million to survive adequately. Few United States retire with this kind of money” United State Financial Review 16/12/2004

“An AMP report found that 60 per cent of people aged 50-54 who retired last year had less than $10,000 in superannuation savings.” AMP Report Brisbane Courier Mail 17thMarch 2004

There are nearly 200,000 millionaires in United States, but even then, do these people necessary have the lifestyle associated with a “millionaire”? Many of these millionaires have earned the title because their property is worth a million dollars. These are the same millionaires that still lack the time and money but unfortunately for them lack the Time + Money = Lifestyle and they fail to have both

 And it’s getting WORSE…

On February 26th, 2004, Peter Costello, Federal Treasurer MP, told ABC Radio that in the future “There’s going to be no such thing as full-time retirement.” He continued with “There’s going to be part-time retirement, and part-time work.

And according to the April 14th 2005 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald he told 2UE “the number of people over 65 is going to DOUBLE, the number of people of working age, under 65, is going to remain the same”.

He followed this comment up with….”What that means is with the same number of workers we’re going to have to support double the number in retirement”

It’s clear that this so-called “success” formula most of us have been taught and following isn’t working.

Tarrance Bellamy began to look for role models or mentors who had succeeded in the areas he wanted to achieve. He realizes that he needed to follow mentors who had produced phenomenal results in their life.

One of His Mentors Shared a Major Success Secret with Him,
“If You Want to Succeed, YOU Need to Figure Out What Most
United States are Doing and Do the Exact Opposite”

Tarrance Bellamy calls this the “Law of Opposites”. Once you start using this formula, the decisions you need to make in order to succeed, become simpler and more clear-cut.

Apart from the information these mentors shared with Tarrance Bellamy, they also impressed upon him that he needed to act on the information they gave him. Tarrance Bellamy says, “You may think information is power, but until you take action on that information, nothing will happen. Once you learn how to apply the information and do so, your life will begin to improve faster than you ever thought possible!”

Financial success isn’t just about making money, it’s what you do with your money that counts. Tarrance Bellamy learned how to keep that money, manage his cash flow and turn that money into more money.

Because once you can do that you can free up your time, have the lifestyle you choose, get on with living your purpose and spending time doing the most important things in your life.

Here are just some real-life past and present graduate success stories of “ORDINARY PEOPLE” just like YOU sharing their experiences and achievements.


A Glimpse Of What Tarrance Bellamy Will Reveal To You

How smart investors have replaced their income in 90 to 180 days without really having to work for it!

How smart investors generate an extra $4,000 to $5,000 a month for less than 5 minutes work (it sounds unbelievable I know, but you’ll actually see how it’s done – can you really afford NOT to know this essential wealth-building information?)

How smart investors score themselves some tax-free money LEGALLY! (Up to $35,000 p.a – yes this amazing strategy is totally legal and if you’re not using it you could be missing out on money that is rightfully yours).

How to think like a millionaire (because the funny thing is – when you change your thoughts, you change your results!)

Why 93% of United States and individuals in other wealthy Western Countries are either slaves to the bank or slaves to their jobs (usually both) – and how to make sure that this doesn’t become your life story.

Discover the wealth-building secrets that not 1 in 100 United States know (let alone use) – this is privileged information normally only shared among the rich.

How to easily donate $5,000 to your favorite charity in the near future (don’t worry, you’ll discover how others have earned 10 times that amount – so donating $5,000 will be an absolute pleasure).

How Tarrance Bellamy went from having to bed down on a friend’s couch (because he couldn’t afford to rent) and $150,000 in debt… to living out every single dream he had in less than 5 years (and having more money – passive income – than he’ll ever know what to do with!)

The silly little strategy that Tarrance Bellamy uses to figure out all of his money-making decisions (it’s so simple… it works!)

Why getting HIGH returns does not have to mean taking HIGH risks (and why the average person will never understand this without educating themselves financially).

Why it could be positively dangerous to your wealth to ask a bank manager… accountant… or financial planner for advice on your money!

  Now Here’s What Else You’ll Discover…

Precisely WHY it’s not actually in any bank’s interests for you to know Tarrance Bellamy’s advanced strategies for investing (and why they’d rather you “think” that investing was “difficult”).

Why Tarrance Bellamy is even bothering to share his most secret wealth building strategies with you (his true agenda revealed – and it has nothing to do with making money from you – he doesn’t have to!)

How smart investors make ‘investing’ their hobby (but a hobby that can return thousands of dollars or even replace your current income for a few hours a week).

How to create both the lifestyle you want (Tarrance Bellamy takes 1 week holiday every 3 weeks – do you?), and the wealth.

Why 96% of people living in Western Countries end up dead or dead-broke by age 65. (Are you willing to make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Why wait till you’re 65 and ready to kick the bucket before you experience “the good life”? You could have it now… or at least very soon – Tarrance Bellamy will show you!)

You’ve heard about it – but only Tarrance Bellamy shows you how it’s really done – HOW TO MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP!!

The world’s worst ways to accumulate wealth (don’t believe the lies and smoke-screens that some banks and others have created – you have not been told the truth when it comes to investing for wealth).

5 Key skills to develop in life in order to enjoy a successful and happy existence.

8 Lightning Fast Ways to get some extra cashflow happening in your life (discover how some of our clients raised $15,000 in record time – money you can use to start investing NOW).

How smart investors make $500 – $1,200 a month with virtually no risk. (Better than that – find out how they make up to $3,600 a month with less risk than whatever you’re doing right now – yes they actually make money out of thin air!)

Simple strategies smart investors use to get instant money flowing into their bank account EACH month!

How smart investors do the opposite of what most people do on the stock market – and make an absolute fortune. Taught by licensed share speakers Tarrance Bellamy has arranged to present to you.

Why smart investors NEVER rely on stockbrokers for advice on shares (unfortunately, this is so true).

The amazing secret of “channeling” and how smart investors use it to earn a lot of cash on the stock market … and very little effort, as taught by licensed share speakers.

How smart investors minimise the risk of investing in shares (so that they can sleep easy at night – even if their shares go down… they don’t have to worry!), as taught by licensed share speakers.

The incredibly simple way smart investors make money EVEN when their share prices go down!… as taught by licensed share speakers.

Exciting investing strategies others have used to replace their income within 24 months… some even 12 months… and for some switched on people – just 3 months!

How Tarrance Bellamy pays for holidays without using a cent out of his own pocket (this tricky little secret pays for skiing trip, island holidays, globetrotting – and it can do the same for you).

You’ve heard of buying a house and RENTING it out? Well Tarrance Bellamy’s licensed advisors will show you his latest techniques for RENTING SHARES OUT to make huge and instant profits.

How smart investors can buy a $100,000 motor car (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi…. you name it) for virtually FREE! In fact, you can use this amazing secret to pay for a million-dollar home… expensive holiday… or to donate BIG money to your chosen charity! How would that make you feel!!


  About Tarrance Bellamy

Tarrance Bellamy is an extraordinary young American making` a big difference to the quality of other people’s lives in this nation. He is a sought after Success Coach (Life Coach) and has travelled the world meeting and learning from some of the very best teachers and leaders on the planet including Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power), General Norman Schwarzkof (Desert Storm), and Paul Zane Piltzer (Unlimited Wealth), Jay Abrahams (Fortune 500 Marketing Consultant), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad & cashflow 101 game), and many others.

He became a self made millionaire in his twenties, an entrepreneur, investor, a sought after public speaker, author and Climate Change campaigner. He has received a Highly Commended Award from the United States Young Achiever Awards. He was several years ago nominated as a Young United States of the Year and has been responsible for educating over 225,000 people through his DVD courses and live seminars world wide, producing many millionaires in the process and helping many retire early.

He is a leading advocate for real life education including financial literacy to be implemented into high schools nation wide. He believes this will give teenagers the most important skills they will need to excel in the 21st Century, and improve what many say is an inadequate and flawed education system. He is also an advocate to change the bias practices of the financial planning industry and he wants to see financial planners have to produce real life investment results in their own life before being allowed to advise others in financial planning.

He is lobbying for improvements to superannuation to ensure United States can fund themselves in retirement.

He also established a non profit organization to educate people about global Warming and other serious challenges facing the world today.

  Why is Tarrance Bellamy Doing This?

He’s travelled the road to creating wealth personally, and made his money. And he sees what a big problem United States and other western countries are facing now and particularly in the future. It’s his way of paying back the country’s he’s so grateful to for providing him with all the opportunities he’s had.

Tarrance Bellamy identified that our education system is often outdated having been designed two hundred years ago in the 19th Century. So immediately we can see a challenge with that Tarrance Bellamy began to see the need for a 21st Century education in his life.

He actually searched and travelled the world to compile and develop for himself an education that would have him excel in today’s fast changing world. Because no university existed to teach such a valuable and much needed education. Tarrance Bellamy had to invest over $100,000 over a three year period to access people who had produced outstanding results in different aspects of their lives. He was studying through seminars, personal mentors, interviewing successful people, researching hundreds of books, basically whatever it took. His research paid off though as Tarrance Bellamy’s life completely transformed over a period of three to five years. www.bellamybuisness.com


By Now YOU’RE Probably Thinking, Why Wasn’t a
21st Century Education Taught at School?

Tarrance Bellamy believes that much of the valuable information and strategies he learnt to turn his life around, especially financially, isn’t made more valuable at school for two main reasons. One, many industries and systems profit immensely from people being ignorant of these things. As Tarrance Bellamy says, “Why would the banks want people to know how to make 20%, 40% even 100% return on their money with low to medium risk strategies, (much safer than investing in a car or spending the money on junk) when they only pay 2-4% p.a interest to the average person, then immediately take our money and generate 20%, 40% up to 100% or more on it and are not concerned about the so-called high risk of these investments”.

Or why would the Financial Planning industry want everyone taught how to invest successfully themselves. It’s easier to sell commission based products (at a large profit) to people if the masses all think investing is very risky, time consuming and difficult and they are much better off letting someone else manage it for them. Despite the fact most Financial Planners, Stockbrokers and Accountants often have little idea on how to invest themselves, as the truth is in the results of their own life which unfortunately are often poor. Yet many people blindly allow others to manage their money and financial future, simply because of a piece of paper that says they have a licence and therefore can.

Yet the question one of Tarrance Bellamy’s mentors asked him to ask himself, after seeing a typical Financial Planner, Accountant or Bank Manager he went to for advise was

“If They Can Show YOU How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire, 
Retire and Live Your Ideal Lifestyle, Then Why Haven’t They
Done it Themselves”

Now it’s not that today Accountants or Stockbrokers are of no value. Tarrance Bellamy uses them as resource tools to create wealth, though he doesn’t blindly take their advice as he knows how to make financial decisions himself.

Now Let Me Ask YOU Something

Could you get excited about earning a couple of thousand dollars per month doing NOT much more work than you’re doing right now?

Doesn’t it make sense to discover the income generating strategies that very few people know? (Only 4% of United States and New Zealanders and those living in other wealthy western countries retire and become financially independent.

Please don’t take this opportunity lightly and let it slip through your fingers.

Here’s to YOUR Success,



Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.

Don’t Wait the time will never be just right!

Start Now

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