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Who A CPN Is NOT For

Building credit takes time. When people rush, they generally make mistakes and with CPNs, that spells file merger and you wasting time and money.
If you are trying to avoid paying your creditors, keep it moving. CPNs/SCNs aren’t for you. At least I don’t want to get you one. We have tools to handle debt collectors and get your old history back in good standing (check out our programs).
A CPN is not a way to establish an alternate identity. That’s illegal. Investigations, court, fees and possible jail time may be in your near future.
There is a very cliche quote floating around that states, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Author unclear. This is your second chance at credit…get educated!
When people make decisions out of desperation, it rarely goes as planned. CPNs are one of those choices you want to be level headed about.

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"A hospital bill and phone bill had it where I couldn't get a car or apartment, now I have a new car and nice apartment. Thanks Financial Fitness."
Hilary Leigh
"I hated waiting for weeks for my profiles, now I make them myself in a few hours I appreciate the knowledge."
Hall Read
"OMG the program actually works worth more than the price. It's PRICELESS. THX FF"
Quintin Angus
"Best information I ever received, I see why don't teach this in school. It's extremely powerful and I highly recommend the mentorship. "
Jillie Tempest